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I want to help The Walla Recovery make new music!

As a group of completely independent musicians the resources required to sustain new music creation can be daunting. We've no outside funding aside from our listeners and supporters. We've no record label or team of people whose full-time job it is to keep us moving forward. Yet, the creation of good art takes time, space, and equipment that costs money. Everything you hear at our online store was written, recorded, and produced by The Walla Recovery at my home studio or at my church using equipment that has been borrowed or bought on a minimal budget.

From experience I have learned that I must try my hardest to make the best possible use of every piece of equipment and every dollar, and thankfully, I have some very talented friends to make these projects a reality. Each of us loves to learn and be a part of something bigger than ourselves, although it makes us uneasy at times, as we are unsure of the success of our trials. We proceed with generosity and hope, while doing what's necessary to provide for our families.

The process is fun and rewarding, but most of all, I am about writing songs and crafting visual art because I believe it benefits my fellow man to reflect what beauty I've seen around me. I, my wife, and friends would love to be spent growing this work and sharing the fruit of it with you. We'd be very excited for you to help us do just that if you're willing.

You can give any amount to fund the ongoing creation of art by The Walla Recovery. We are grateful to you and we will always strive to live like it. A download of my interpretation of a favorite hymn, How Firm a Foundation, is yours as a small token of thanks. If you have a question, comment, or just want to connect, email me: .

Thank you for your help!

– Zack (& The Walla Recovery)

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