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House Concert Petition & Info

Posted on 2.8.12 · by Zack

I am now officially booking house concerts. This is a very exciting opportunity for me to meet and visit with you in person, and for some of you to bring a diverting and illuminating night of music into your own neighborhood. If we work together, we can make it happen! If you'd like to see this idea become a reality (either as a host or as an attendee), you can take action in one of the following ways:

1. I need 42 more people to sign our petition at so they'll assist me with the logistics of scheduling house concert tours: …It takes only a few seconds of your time and doesn't cost a cent. If you've already done this, thank you very much!

2. Email me directly (booking [at] if you're interested in hosting a house concert. Wherever you live, I'd be grateful and honored to play for you in your home.

What's a house concert, you ask? Why, it couldn't be simpler! You have a living room, and we have songs. When combined, your friends and family are entertained and delighted over an intimate and peaceful evening of storytelling and music. We arrive with our instruments as a 1-3 piece band and play for about an hour, starting around 7 or 8pm. Sometimes we can provide an opening act as well. If you are enthusiastic about sharing our music, you have a space that can hold 10-50 people, and you can suggest a donation of $5-10 to attendees, please let me know by email: booking [at]

Thanks for reading this and for your support! I'd love to hear from you, so don't be a stranger!

BTW, if by some horrible mischance you've not downloaded our latest album, "With Trembling…" for free yet, please do so now:

Much love,

Zack and The Walla Recovery